The Truth About Hiring A Company And An Independent House Cleaning Service

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Whether you like it or not, cleaning your household regularly is an absolute must to stay healthy and productive. But, what if you find it stressful and time-consuming to juggle between work and household cleaning? What if you need the weekend to recharge after a grueling workweek? What if weekly-clean ups get in the way of quality time with your family?

If these are some of the challenges you face every time you need to clean your home, enlisting a professional cleaner is the best solution to overcome your stress. However, when it comes to hiring a cleaning service, most people don’t know the difference between a professional and an independent cleaner. This often leads to choosing inadequate cleaners and utter waste of money. To help avoid these outcomes, and make the right choice when looking for cleaners, Green Clean Plus has explained the truth about hiring a company and an independent house cleaning service.

The facts!

An independent cleaner can be anyone who thinks they can clean just because they can clean their own home. They may not be formally trained or aware of the essentials to do a quality job. As a result, if you choose an independent cleaner, you may employ someone who does not clean as well as you would like them to. A professional, on the other hand, will be trained to match the cleaning standard that their company has set, and it will be how the whole team cleans.

Insurance and liability
A cleaning company will usually carry insurance that covers liability, and they will also be bonded and insured to cover any breakage and theft while on your premises. Cleaning companies are also required by law to carry Workers’ Compensation (in Ontario, that is WSIB), as this will cover the cleaner if they have a fall or other accident while in your home. An independent cleaner may or may not carry insurance or qualify to be covered by Workers’ Compensation, which can leave you at risk. If independent cleaners without insurance hurt themselves in your home, they will have no option but to sue you for lost income.

Security checks
Professional companies usually have a security check done for each cleaner to ensure only trustworthy people get access to your home. Independents may also get security checks done, but most do not seem to bother.

Misconceptions about cleaning companies and cleaning products!

1. All house cleaners are the same.
Many people think all house cleaners are the same, but in our experience, this is not true. When interviewing either a professional or an independent, always ask for references and check them. After the cleaning is completed, let your cleaner or company know if you have any concerns that need to be addressed going forward.

2. All cleaners are good
There are levels for every profession, even when it comes to cleaning. Some cleaners do as they learned at home and may or may not have been taught well. Most professional cleaners go through a cleaning training program plus training on how to effectively use the cleaning products and equipment chosen by their company.

3. All green cleaning products are the same
In all honesty, some green cleaning products are great, and some are not. What we have found is that many natural cleaning supplies ask that you spray a product on and leave it on for a couple of minutes. This is called ‘dwell time,’ and it is not always practical when you are paying someone to clean. At Green Clean Plus, we are always on the lookout for new effective products and make sure to test them before using them in your home.

4. Hiring ‘underground’ tradespeople is alright
When you hire an independent, you are supporting the underground economy as not everyone declares their income. Professional cleaning companies comply with all tax laws and pay their fair share that supports all the services we all consider as ‘Free.’

For a reliable local cleaning company, reach out to Green Clean Plus. We offer professional house cleaning and maintenance services in Almonte, ON, and take pride in delivering the best cleaning services in the business. Our cleaning experts are trained, bonded, insured, covered by workers compensation (WSIB), vetted, and trustworthy. We clean your home with sincerity, care, and as per your expectations. Moreover, all our cleaning products are natural and FDA approved.

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