Five Tips To Hire A Professional Cleaning Service

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Let’s face it, no one really enjoys cleaning chores. In fact, some people absolutely hate the task of cleaning. However, to prevent allergies, sickness, and infections, household cleaning must be done regularly. Fortunately, with the availability of numerous cleaning companies today, you can easily outsource the task. 

Whether you want a one-off cleaning task done, annual spring cleaning, or regular cleaning, you have tons of options to choose from. But while selecting a cleaning service, you need to be cautious to ensure your expectations are met.

To get the services you’re after, you need to understand what different cleaning services are capable of, and if they have your best interests at heart. To help you find out if your cleaners are the professionals they claim to be, the experts at Green Clean Plus have listed five tips to hiring a professional cleaning service.

Tip #1: Check if the company you are dealing with is registered
Registered companies treat their clients and business with respect, and pay their taxes just as you do. Yes, you will have to pay sales tax, but you also know that they are contributing their share as well.

Tip #2: Ask if they are insured and bonded
If your cleaning company is insured and bonded, you can breathe easy knowing that if anything of value is broken or damaged, it will be fixed or replaced. An insurance policy will also cover theft if it ever happens, but you will need to file a police report to start the compensation process. Most professional house cleaners will carry this type of insurance, but if yours does not, you may want to reconsider your cleaning service.

Tip #3: Check if the cleaners have passed a police check
All cleaners should have a valid ‘‘Police Check’’ on file. The cleaning company should vet their cleaners before allowing them into your house. This usually means checking references, previous employers’ remarks, and criminal history.

Tip #4: Confirm that WSIB covers all the cleaners
A WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) coverage will compensate a worker if they hurt themselves in your home should they fall off a step stool or on wet floors, etc. within your premises. If a cleaner is injured on your property, the cleaning company will file a report with WSIB, and if the cleaner can not work as a result of the accident, they will be compensated through this insurance. You, as the homeowner, will not be held liable, and you will not require your homeowners’ insurance to pay the injured cleaner.

Tip #5: Determine if the cleaners are well-trained
When a company hires cleaners, they must be trained so that they clean the way you expect your home to be cleaned. Over the years, we’ve seen different levels of cleaning, but none compare to our efforts. Through rigorous training and tests, our cleaners efficiently deliver consistent services and satisfying experiences to our clients.

For professional house cleaning and maintenance services in Almonte, ON, reach out to Green Clean Plus. We take pride in delivering the best and most reliable house cleaning services and are glad to customize our solutions according to your requirements. Our experts are trained to provide quality services, and they are insured, bonded, and covered by WSIB. Similarly, our experts are cleared by the police and are very reliable when it comes to meeting your cleaning needs.

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