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Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services Almonte

Green Clean Plus is having great success in serving clients in Almonte, Carleton Place and the surrounding area with their house cleaning needs. What a wonderful business. We get to clean your home so that you can have the saved time for other important things in your life. I myself love when my home has been cleaned by my team, and I have the extra time to do other things. One of the best benefits to having us clean your home is that it is “all done, all at once”.

We were looking for a way to share our success with our community in a way that allowed us to share our expertise. Cleaning for A Reason is that way. This Non-Profit charity was started by Debbie Sardone after she turned down a potential client who couldn’t afford her service. This potential client had cancer. Debbie felt awful at the end of the call but had not gotten a phone number and she decided at that moment, that she would never again turn down a cancer patient because of financial issues. A few years later, Debbie started Cleaning for A Reason as a registered Non-Profit. Initially she had a few other house cleaning companies who thought it was a great idea, and they offered the same services to cancer patients in their area.

As of 2019, Cleaning for A Reason operates in the US and Canada with a goal to go global. Green Clean Plus joined this organization in 2018 but we seemed to have had a slow start, partially because of our postal code system, but it has started to come together now.

How it works:

  1. The patient contacts Cleaning for A Reason at 613-877-337-3348. You can also visit the website at and go to the patients page and click apply now
  2. Cleaning for a reason will contact Green Clean Plus or another partner cleaning company in the patients’ area.
  3. Once accepted, Green Clean Plus will offer you 2 free cleanings of 3 hours each. Usually one a month for 2 months. This will hopefully take some stress off the patient.
  4. Green Clean Plus serves Almonte, Carleton Place, Arnprior, Pakenham, Carp and Stittsville. For cancer patients outside of this area please contact Cleaning for a Reason to get assigned to another participating cleaning company.

We have had our first patient, and it is our great pleasure to know we are being of service at such a critical time.

Originally the organization was to help only women with cancer but has now been expanded to include families because it is never just one person with cancer, it affects the whole family.

We are honoured to be a partner with this organization and are looking forward to helping cancer patients with their house cleaning needs.

Some interesting statistics as of 2018:

  • 35,444 patients served
  • 1,200 Participating House Cleaning Companies
  • Over 11 million dollars in donated house cleanings


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