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I am Maria Murphy, the proud owner of Green Clean Plus.

I look forward to sharing my story. I hope that you will enjoy getting to know me better.

Before entering the cleaning business, I started a retail store called Cross-Stitch Cupboard in Ottawa and operated it for seventeen years. During that time, I spent a lot of time at work and so cleaning took a back seat to my other responsibilities. After realizing that it was never going to get and stay clean by my efforts, I decided to get help. Over the years, I’ve hired different cleaners, some independents and some professionals and some of their services were impressive and exceeded my expectations, many were disappointing. One of the best parts was coming home to a clean house, one that is all clean all at the same time. No more cleaning a room at a time and by the time I got them all done it was time to start again.

After closing my needlework shop in 2009 I was at loose ends as to what I wanted to do next.  I started cleaning a few houses in the Mississippi Mills area. I soon learned that clients wanted reliable and trustworthy people in their homes and that using green products was very important to them. My next business was born. After a couple of years cleaning part time I officially registered Green Clean Plus in 2012 and have never looked back.

I have been running and growing this business for many years, and through my experience as a cleaning professional, I have witnessed a few notable changes. Today, people are more conscious of the cleaning products used in their homes and are wanting environmentally friendly products to protect their health and our Earth. I also made the decision to provide the cleaning products that we would use. I also find that they are more comfortable hiring a company who are Insured & Bonded, and that the cleaners are protected by the Workers Compensation Board (WSIB) and not by the homeowners’ insurance.

They also like meeting me and getting the feel of the way I run my business. I now have an office assistant, Stacy, who is a blessing as office work was never my ‘thing’, I can do it, but she does it better.

As a trusted service-oriented business, we make it a point to meet almost every client before bringing them on board. That way, we can identify their needs and customize quality services for them. We also follow up when clients face issues and work hard to make things right. 

When we take on household cleaning and maintenance chores, we help free up our clients’ hectic schedules, so they have more time for other tasks. Some of our clients use this time for kids’ activities, some for leisure, while others use it to have fun with their friends and family.

I love meeting people and discussing different ways to help them. Knowing that we can be of excellent service to them is immensely satisfying, especially when our work provides people more time to be a family. We pride ourselves on our quality of work, reliability, trustworthiness, and flexibility.

When not running the business, I am an avid reader and a Sudoku addict.  I also still enjoy cross stitching and have enough cross-stitching supplies to last a lifetime. Gardening is another one of my hobbies as it allows me to stay active and enjoy the outdoors on my off days. I have a wonderful cat named Duchess who came to live with me a year ago. She is now 7ish and I totally adore her even if she does shed her black fur everywhere. For my full story check the ‘About Maria’ on our website.

I have enjoyed sharing my story about the things which matter to me and how they influence the way I do business. If you or someone you know could benefit from our professional house cleaning and maintenance services in Almonte, Ontario, I invite you to get in touch. Please visit our website at




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